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Satyapon & Partners Announced as Trademark Firm of the Year 2018 from Asia IP in New Delhi
On behalf of our Managing Partner, Satyapon Sachdecha, the partners, Sukhprem Sachdecha, Kritsana Mingtongkhum, and Kritchawat Chainapasak, our associates and staff we wish to humbly thank all our clients, esteemed colleagues, friends and family whose continued support over the years has resulted in our firm taking home the Trademark Firm of the Year Award 2018 from AsiaIP.

We especially want to thank all our loyal clients who sent us their work over the years without you we could never have achieved this, and our strong team of associates whose execution and dedication make it all happen in the background while our partners shine in the spotlight.   

With sincerest thanks to all, we wish everyone continued success in 2019. 

The team at,
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